October 18, 2010

Memphis to Boston

This was for the Boston Globe Magazine about a woman, who when a girl moves from Memphis to Boston for a scholarship. She ends up staying for career and marriage, but never quite feels at home in the North.

She ponders this, from the article -

"Now, though, I wonder. The prompt is Isabel Wilkerson’s magnificent new
book, “The Warmth Of Other Suns,” a dense and moving exploration of the
Great Migration. Wilkerson chronicles both the highs and lows of that
fifty-year, nation-altering event but mainly suggests it was ultimately for
the good. Was it?"

For some reason I really responded to this piece. Perhaps because Jacob Lawrence, the great artist of the great migration, was one of my favorite artists as a high schooler. Or perhaps because I have never really felt at home no matter where I live.

One thing I do know is, I wish I didn't have to do so many color studies to be happy!

Update March 2011: This piece just won a Silver at the Society of News Design.
Thanks for submitting it Grant!


smart mama said...

love the thumbnails all together

Kyle T. Webster said...

I think illustration is one of your best!

Unknown said...

It's so beautiful!

nan-c said...

I saw "Memphis to Boston" on FaceBook without a title or artist's name. I fell in love with it and couldn't share because I don't share art unless the artist gets credit. When I found you though TinEye, I really did hit the jackpot! Your detailed story behind the picture is just as beautiful as the painting itself. Thanks.