February 25, 2010

YALE Cover

Yale is developing an artificial pancreas, which if you have diabetes would be quite a breakthrough.

The idea was to illustrate the concept of what a pancreas does, basically regulate sugar and insulin levels.

When I got this job I thought what am I going to do! It seemed impossible at first, a pancreas looks like lump of orange-brown bacon, sugar is colorless, boring and looks like salt and insulin is worse! Plus the the whole concept of diabetes regulation had to be worked in.

So after I visited with the muse Panickia, I got to work and calmed down.

The roughs ideas... it took a few.

Here's a preliminary drawing. I like posting these because my final technique often results in a loss rather than a gain in accuracy, which is better sometimes but not others!

Inside full page and some spots.

Some detail.

In print.

February 24, 2010

ESPN Cover attempt

Got to try for a ESPN cover back in January, finally got a hold of a print edition.
Subject was "New Rules for the New Year", it was about changing 48 rules in sports to make it better for the fans.

I didn't get it and I didn't deserve too! Below is why.

Look at this brilliant idea from Jason Lee. Why didn't I think of that!
Perfect and so simple, which is the hardest.

At least I got inside though, with the other 4 artists.
I was honored to have been in the running with Rodrigo Corral, since he is such an amazing book designer, his cover (above mine) is my second favorite.

Just for fun, here's some of the ideas (there were more) I sent in.

Thanks to Ed Mann for even considering me for the cover.

February 18, 2010

Today's NYTimes Op Ed

For today's Op Ed piece on the cons of limiting US air power in Afghanistan.
Really enjoyed painting this piece, it took me back to my glue sniffing enhanced childhood "hobby" of building model airplanes. Too bad I blew them all up, I could have use them for reference.
Art director was Aviva Michaelov, of course.

Some rough ideas. I actually had more that 45min for this one which was nice! Aviva picked my favorite, which was ironically the first idea I came up, which is rarely the case.

Preliminary drawing.

February 17, 2010

ESPN Twitter

Got to do a fun full page for ESPN poking fun at jocks on twitter.
Thanks Lou and Siung!

A smaller quarter page illustration inside.

A bunch of roughs, request to make the football player Shaq,
which worried me a bit because portraiture isn't my specialty.

Preliminary drawing.

In print, sorry bad iPhone photos.