March 22, 2013

Music Monopoly

On Music company monopolies for the Huffington Post Magazine.

Here's the roughs, since the story was about a merger, I had to cover that angle as well.

The magazine is only on the iPad so the spread in this case was vertical as you tabbed down.

They cropped it nicely for the contents page.

March 18, 2013

Spouse Insider Trading

For a piece on spouses spying on each other's corporate knowledge and using the information to do some insider trading. I really loved how the typography turned out, thanks to Siung.

Here's the roughs. I liked the top one with the arrow lips at the time, but I feel Siung made the better choice as usual.

The playing around with arrows to make those lips wasn't a waste though. It gave me a big head start on this quick little piece on "Women Investors" for my man Keith at the Wall St. Journal a few weeks later.

March 12, 2013

Macho Vegetarians

Here's a little personal piece.

I wanted some healthy and manly for my kitchen.

I might turn it into a print....