September 14, 2012

TIME: Cheap Oil vs. Green Energy

For TIME on how a new age of cheap oil could undo the nascent green energy revolution.

Some roughs, I've always loved making faces with outlets, but Nai thought the battered windmill was better.

And the piece in print.

September 5, 2012

The Dawn of BBQ

A Wall St. Journal article was about how meat-eating and evolution were tied together. Basically the prehistoric roots of BBQ.

The editors specifically requested a caveman grilling, so I explored that. But of course I tried hard to come up with some better ideas. Really enjoyed spoofing 2001 Space Odyssey and a Banksy piece.

But Keith being the smart art director he is picked the cave painting idea, which was very fun for me to try to imitate that style.

Trying to imitate the surface of this reference I used my usual printmaking technique but I hammered, scratched and used charcoal and chalk over it.

But still didn't come close to the beauty of the real thing.
Perhaps I just need a 30,000 year old patina....