May 8, 2023

Teton Valley Magazine Cover


For their 25th anniversary Teton Valley Magazine (local to me) 
decided to have me illustrate their cover for the special occasion.

Here's the first set of roughs.

Then Kate and Sage narrowed it down to these 6.

Next I needed flesh these out a bit...

Trying out some colors...

to see which idea has the most potential...

With the direction chosen, now time for some experimentation.

Getting closer....

Trying some simple colors, but doesn't work.
Doesn't feel snowy enough and the 25 isn't popping.

Just right, feels snowy and the 25 pops.

Publishers were so happy with the cover, they decided to have 
250 limited edition signed 18x24 posters made of it to sell.

And it won some awards too :)