June 30, 2017

Hiking Danger

"Hiking Danger" for the Minneapolis Star Tribune

Apparently most of the danger is about getting lost. Most of the trees look the same.

We narrowed it down to these, and to help the editors I threw in a little color.

The AD on this one, Robert Timmons, requested some additional bleed for the typography. Luckily I had painted some extra background and photoshop made up what I didn't :)

Color Blinded

 Double page spread for By Faith magazine, design and art direction by Tiffany Forester, Metaleap Creative (whom, by the way, just won a SPD medal). For the final I was worried about all the white, but I used spray paint over a gouache flesh base to give it some contrasting texture.

Since the topic of race and religion was sensitive, it required alot of exploration in the concepting phase to get it right.

One Child Policy

For NY Times International on China's One Child Policy and the problems trying to unwind it.

Repurposed a personal piece for this, but Alex Hunting the AD on this one picked the right one.