February 1, 2012

Digital Agreements (with no roughs) Wall St. Journal

Never had a job like this one before. It was on how we so easily agree to online legal forms (itunes etc. etc. ) without even realizing the harsh consequences contained in the legalese.

But that's not the real story.

This is.

Apparently the writer had dropped a story on the art director at the last minute. Since I was super busy at the time AD David Bamundo at the Wall Street Journal told me to just send him a final, no roughs, no art direction, no nothing! And I had never even worked with him before!

Whoa, that's trust.

I think if I had less experience I might have thought "Sweet!"
But it sunk in pretty quick I was going to have to do both jobs, illustrate AND art direct.

Of course I always edit and art direct myself as I go along on every job, but in the end I always throw in some surprising ideas that may or may not work and hand it off to the art director to make the final decision.

And making good decisions is work, no doubt about it!

So thanks for nothing Dave.... just kidding, I learned a bunch.

Christoph Niemann says you've got to stay in touch with you inner-art director, so you don't waste everybody's time. So actually, thanks Dave! For letting me turn "my inner art director" to "outer" on this one.

I'm just glad I don't have to do it all the time.