June 24, 2023

Monmouth Magazine cover


Cover for Monmouth University magazine

Topic was climate change. Here's the roughs I sent to the design firm, Dog Ear Consultants. I felt the iceberg globe coming apart coming apart had the most graphic potential so I developed it just a little but further the other roughs. Patrick the AD on this agreed, so we went with that one.

Normally I sent the AD a tight color sketch before going to final but it wasn't necessary in this case because the ice had to be a cool white and the ocean a cool color, either blue or blue-green.

The only color to fiddle with was to make the polar a warm off-white to pop him a bit.

And the design firm must have liked it, because they use it on their main website to highlight their work for Monmouth University. Thanks Patrick!

May 8, 2023

Teton Valley Magazine Cover


For their 25th anniversary Teton Valley Magazine (local to me) 
decided to have me illustrate their cover for the special occasion.

Here's the first set of roughs.

Then Kate and Sage narrowed it down to these 6.

Next I needed flesh these out a bit...

Trying out some colors...

to see which idea has the most potential...

With the direction chosen, now time for some experimentation.

Getting closer....

Trying some simple colors, but doesn't work.
Doesn't feel snowy enough and the 25 isn't popping.

Just right, feels snowy and the 25 pops.

Publishers were so happy with the cover, they decided to have 
250 limited edition signed 18x24 posters made of it to sell.

And it won some awards too :)