October 13, 2010

Curse/Bless Photoshop

On friday I did a quick piece for the NY Times Week in Review, on the tricky relationship between the U.S., Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Taliban. At the last minute it needed a quick color change because of a color clash with something else on the cover. It happens and it's totally unforeseen and because of Photoshop this is so easy and routine I don't even think about it anymore, in a few minutes it was done. Bless Photoshop.

It reminded me I forgot to post this piece I did for Columbia a little bit ago.
The article was on over-population, mainly in Africa.

This was the rough they liked. Only direction was "make sure the nest looks like Africa"
Which I did and the editors were happy. Sent off, done and invoiced.

A week later, just hours before they go to press, the slightly stressed AD calls and says the editors just decided they want the nest NOT to look like Africa, they want it general.

I was pretty worried at first I would have to repaint the whole thing, since my work is mainly non-digital. (Of course they offered to pay for the repaint)

But in about 30min I had it done, all thanks to Photoshop.

Bless Photoshop.

Or was it because of Photoshop?
Since everyone is so used to being able to make such last minute changes, perhaps this allowance for more indecisiveness is sometimes a curse.

Curse Photoshop.


Chris Whetzel said...

Good question, Alex. I Actually just had a conversation with an illustrator who had a similar story only for him, they asked for alterations a MONTH after giving the final image a green light. In such an instance, I guess it is up to the individual: it can be done but should it be?

And of course, after being approved and invoiced, you would be well within your rights to charge for that alteration! :)

Alex Nabaum said...

Thanks Chris, and they offered to pay for a complete repaint, but since I pulled off the change in 30 min, I didn't bother resubmitting an invoice. Even though Eson Chan the gracious AD on the job insisted.