September 27, 2010

Recent Work and Coincidence

Got busy and behind on my postings.
Here's some recent work and a coincidence....

Best Primary Schools in Denver, for 5280 Magazine.

Design and art direction by Dave McKenna.

For ESPN on NBA owners, Siung Tjia AD.

For Los Angeles Magazine, a beautiful mag I drooled over in Pasadena for ICON, so I was thrilled to get a call from them after I got back. Carol Wakano AD.

Fun subject for Washington Post Magazine on mini-skirts lengths. Lori Kelley AD.

For the Progressive on our oil economy and the gulf. Nick Jehlen AD.

At lastly I ran across this ad a few days ago, and thought it had an uncanny resemblance in composition and concept to an illustration of mine that was in the CA annual a few years ago. Probably just coincidence.