April 23, 2012

Couples Cosmetic Surgery

About couples getting cosmetic surgery together, for the LA Times. Wesley Bausmith AD.

The first info I had on the story was that one partner got cosmetic surgery and that inspired the other to follow, hence the comic strip solution.

But when the actual story came in it was more about couples doing it together and one was on valentines day. Thanks for the fun assignment Wes!

April 11, 2012

Selected American Illustration 31

I was happy to get this piece selected to be in the American Illustration 31 book.
Even more surprised because it's on economics. Not the typical subject matter that gets into the book.
Thanks to Joe Heroun and Christine Car at the New Republic who art directed this.

April 5, 2012

The Italian Job

My first job for an Italian client. It was for the social cooperative Arcobaleno in Torino (forza Juve!)
Art director was Andrea Bozzo ( http://www.andreabozzo.it )
The calendar was chock full of other great illustration. Including one Emiliano Ponzi. 

Their mission is the rehabilitation of addicts and criminals by giving them work in the recycling industry. Andrea liked the one with the rays.

Wait! Not that ray one, the other one! Andrea meant the guy sewing with the rays, and I just assumed he meant the rays into the box. Never assume. My mistake! And the ironic thing is I actually can speak a little italian, oh well...

But I was more than glad to do another one, because I liked this idea better anyway and knew I could make it more graphic.

In print. Grazie mille for mailing it to me caro Andrea!

April 2, 2012

Inequal Love

One of those tricky challenges, for the New Republic's Inequality Issue. The story was  about a rich trust fund girl and boy from a poor background in NY and their relationship challenges.

The challenge about this was it was a narrative, but really about the concept not the characters.
Problem with showing the characters was you could get to caught up in how they and their clothes looked.

I was glad Joe picked the spoons idea. It was simple and elegant, implied a domestic relationship and even hinted at conflict. Seems so simple to me know, but was so hard to arrive at.