May 30, 2009

my studio

Thought I'd post a picture of my studio, that's C.J. there in the sun.

And my father's table he bought as an art student in the late 60's.

May 26, 2009

Animal Testing, Yes or No?

For John Hopkins magazine on whether or not it would be ethical to bio-engineer an lab animal that didn't feel pain. Art director was Pamela Li.

Here's the roughs. I risked pushing the colored one, but I needed to see if I could get close enough to pulling it off. Luckily Pam liked it as well.

Here's the tight drawing, after a dozen re-drawings trying to get the black rabbits legs right.
After looking at reference photos of rabbits confined in little "stocks", I decided to crop in on the space also.

I actually ended up doing two versions of the final, because I felt the texture in the first one, on the left was distracting. What do you think?

May 16, 2009

Tiger TIME

Here's a full page for TIME magazine's international edition I did a few weeks ago, but just got it in the mail. The subject was about how unsold exports are piling up at the docks of Asian countries, giving them quite a shock. Art direction by Cecelia Wong.

Here's the roughs. Cecelia liked the boats going off the fever line water cliff, but asked me to put in some tigers instead. No problem! I love drawing animals.

Tight sketch.
An inside quarter page.

And in print.

May 15, 2009

BYU magazine

For a piece about keeping spiritual commitments.
Art director was A.J. Rich.

Here were the roughs for the opener and 2 insides.

After exploring a bunch of compositions here's the tight sketch and color study I arrived at.

Finishes of the two inside pieces. My wife Shayna posed for the rain one.

Here's the spread in the magazine, I love how he ghosted it over.
I think A.J. is great tying it all together so beautifully, in fact I hired him a few years ago to do one of my typography intros on my website. Can be see at, they load randomly so you have keep reloading the page until you see his.

May 4, 2009

Economist Cover

For an Economist special report cover in April, on the the Rich.

In the current economic downturn the super rich have been the biggest losers.
You have to feel sorry for someone now worth only 200 million down from 300 million,

Here's the roughs.
The line drawing.

One of a couple photoshop color studies.

I did 6 other illustrations for the inside, here's 2 of my favorites.