October 14, 2009

Happy Halloween

Kids are so hard to scare these days, so I had to go a different route.

October 7, 2009

Confederate Flag

I actually don't have strong feelings towards the Confederate flag, having grown up in and lived mostly in mountain west, but it occasionally it pops up on a truck around here driven by someone I know isn't from the South, which I find odd.

So when I saw one the other day, it got me thinking... I've seen the American flag get visually chastised for it's sins real and imagined a million times (by me included), but never the confederate flag.

So I figured it was due for a trip to the woodshed, albeit a hundred years late.

October 5, 2009


For Suffolk Law School on creating more permanent family solutions for orphans, like adoption.
Art director was Kaajal Asher.
The roughs ideas.

Tighter sketch and color studies.

October 3, 2009

New York Times OpEd

Did the OpEd for the New York Times yesterday, on Obama on Iran and how his policy is in a free-fall. Art direction by Kim Bost.

Along with the usual ideas, I was thinking of Obama dropping the ball as a visual, but the problem is he's actually really good a sports. Then I remembered him throwing some gutterballs trying to bowl on the campaign trail last year and bingo something a bit more fresh.

Luckily the editors picked up on it as well and choose that one.