January 26, 2012

Organ Traffickers

This one for a weighty story on international organized crime's move into the trafficking of organs, mostly kidneys. In Bloomberg Markets magazine.

I was excited to get this one, I knew it would have potential so I went a little nuts concepting.

The main victims and criminals in the story were Ukrainian.

Here's the spread, I decided to visually relate the kidney tubes to his gold chain and wallet at the last minute.

January 23, 2012

Racial Definitions in America


Got to do a illustration for a dual book review by Gwen Ifill for the Washington Post.

Here's an excerpt: 

Decades later, Americans are still struggling with racial definitions. Is the president black or biracial? Are we Latino or Hispanic? Is the n-word an insult or an affectionate term? What does it mean to be authentically black? And does any of that
matter anymore? Didn't the 2008 election signal that the country that elected its first black president is now post-racial?

sketch and color study

Two new books take radically different approaches to these questions of race introspection - one academic, the other anecdotal. Both are mature and serious works that seek to get us past our laziest assumptions about race. Each managed to expand my notion of what it means to be black in America, and why it matters.

Art direction by Kristin Lenz.

January 10, 2012

Hollow Recovery

For Bloomberg Markets on America's hollow recovery. For some reason I love drawing pie, and I finally got a pie idea that could hold a full page. Thanks Tjia!

The article was long so it talked about alot of things from hollow recovery to lengthy slow growth to mixed signals of weakness and strengths, so I had to cover alot of possibilities. Luckily everyone was in the mood for pie though!

January 5, 2012

Bullish on Coal

Full page for Bloomberg Markets on the IPO winners and losers of 2011.
Apparently an Indian coal producer came out on top. So used to having to make carbon look bad, it was a fun challenge to reverse it.

Actually all I had to work with at the start from the mag was, "old energy beats new energy", hence the wide range of roughs.

Challenge was to get the bull head to read as dump truck simultaneously.
Siung suggested adding a little steam from the nostrils which helped.