March 26, 2012

Carbon Treasure

This piece was for Corporate Knights about capturing carbon and turning it into something useful.
I was really excited to get this assignment, because Pete Ryan, who is a brilliant conceptual illustrator, was art directing it.

Treasure was in the headline, so I made to cover that angle if need be. But of course Pete went with the idea with the most visual poetry, the horse! I knew I was in good hands.

My German great-grandparents came to America, first Colorado and then Utah to work in the Murray Smelters, so I made the towers look like those brick smelter towers I remember as a kid.
Except I left off the giant Colonel Sanders that was painted on one of them. (Because the first KFC was a mile away)

Here's the spread. Kudos to Pete and Jack Dylan, for grabbing the bull by the horns and designing this magazine!

March 16, 2012

My Side Bias for the Atlantic

 I always wanted to work for the Atlantic and I finally got my chance a few months ago. I was waiting to finally see it in print before I blogged about it. Anytime you can spoof a Rodin, go for it! And I was excited because my printmaking texture has always felt good for statues.

The piece was on a study about how both liberals and conservatives do poorly on tests about certain subjects because the answer the questions according to their biases.

And I have since got to work for them again, I'll post that in few weeks...

March 8, 2012

the Efficiency Paradox

For Bloomberg Businessweek for a book review of the The Conundrum, by David Owen.

On the interesting problem that increased efficiency in green technology seems to lead to just more overall energy use.
And thanks to Chandra for the great looking page design.