March 10, 2021

Covid-19 series for Deloitte


So coronavirus kept me busy illustration wise in 2020. Mainly this series for Deloitte.

The above Black Swan cover was probably my favorite from the series.

Here's the roughs. The initial idea got modified as me and the art director worked it out.

Below are some other of my favorite covers from the series. It was a challenge because it had to work with sub-brands and Deloitte brand colors etc.


Here's thumbnails of a most of the covers.

And here's the first set of roughs I made for this series. The AD Matt Lennert made a key move at the start of this project by identifying the visual potential of the spilt virus background idea and a way to build an entire series off of, which was huge.

January 13, 2020


For Science and Letters magazine on how soccer can unite and divide us.

The AD saw the simple potential of the figures forming a face. As you can see I was favoring the upper left one. That's why AD's get credit for every illustration in an annual. They are a huge part of an illustration's success, in this case Tim Madle, Landesberg Design.


The spread in the magazine, thanks Tim!

May 1, 2019

Reinvent the 401K - Wall Street Journal

"Let's Reinvent the 401K" for the Wall St. Journal. Below is an example of the helpfulness of back and forth with the art director makes for a better image that you can do alone.

Initial direction from the AD was to explore the word "retire" being built by construction workers. So I did that and tried to add some more ideas. 

Tighten that RETIRE idea..
Nah too mathematical. How about that egg idea? Which was Keith's.

Perspective is wrong, looks like it's in a cage...

Better, but the people are too important, let's scale them down.

The editor wants no people. And what about a nest?

This will work.

Can we make it wider for the web and animate it?

And here it is big in print. Thanks Keith!

Ocean Plastic Pollution

For the Coastal Table magazine, on how plastic pollution 
in the ocean is entering the food chain and getting to us humans.

The headline to work off was "Plastics Never Die, But They Might Kill Us"

Since the article mentioned plastic straws a lot, I got a little too excited about this idea...

But the Karen Covey the editor, picked this one, which ended up being more timeless take on the iconic plastic bag in a tree that you see everywhere.

Here it is in print :) Thanks Karen!

Trump as Cyrus the Great - NY Times

Quick one for NY Times on Trump and American Presidents being compared to Cyrus the Great.

So I explored Flag, God, Cyrus and President ideas.

Jim Datz the AD, picked this one, which was a good call.

October 29, 2018

Men's Health

Half page illustration for the June 2018 issue of Men's Health magazine on how overuse of ibuprofen can kill you.

Here's the roughs. We decided to go a basketball direction instead and used the skull piece for the secondary art.

July 19, 2018

Newsweek Cover

Newsweek cover for the July 20th issue, about who will be the future leader of the Palestinians.
Art direction by Michael Goesele.

Roughs. Michael like the crowd, but it felt too "Arab Spring"

So I made a quick modification to address that.

And then a tight color sketch for him to tryout with typography.

Micheael mentioned the possibility of a spread on the inside, so I made sure the final illustration could cover that usage as well.