May 1, 2019

Reinvent the 401K - Wall Street Journal

"Let's Reinvent the 401K" for the Wall St. Journal. Below is an example of the helpfulness of back and forth with the art director makes for a better image that you can do alone.

Initial direction from the AD was to explore the word "retire" being built by construction workers. So I did that and tried to add some more ideas. 

Tighten that RETIRE idea..
Nah too mathematical. How about that egg idea? Which was Keith's.

Perspective is wrong, looks like it's in a cage...

Better, but the people are too important, let's scale them down.

The editor wants no people. And what about a nest?

This will work.

Can we make it wider for the web and animate it?

And here it is big in print. Thanks Keith!

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