March 26, 2012

Carbon Treasure

This piece was for Corporate Knights about capturing carbon and turning it into something useful.
I was really excited to get this assignment, because Pete Ryan, who is a brilliant conceptual illustrator, was art directing it.

Treasure was in the headline, so I made to cover that angle if need be. But of course Pete went with the idea with the most visual poetry, the horse! I knew I was in good hands.

My German great-grandparents came to America, first Colorado and then Utah to work in the Murray Smelters, so I made the towers look like those brick smelter towers I remember as a kid.
Except I left off the giant Colonel Sanders that was painted on one of them. (Because the first KFC was a mile away)

Here's the spread. Kudos to Pete and Jack Dylan, for grabbing the bull by the horns and designing this magazine!

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