May 23, 2011

Cover for Emory

How to illustrate 'Ethics' ?
That was the challenge Emory magazine Art Director Erica Allison Endicott gave me.

The issue was about how Emory taught ethics and character.

Inside she needed a full page for more specific story on Web ethics.

Erica took my roughs to the committee. The very word "committee" struck fear into my heart.
But when she returned with this idea approved, I knew she could have a second career as an corporate negotiator if she wanted.

Any art director that can take sketches on such an abstract subject as ethics into a committee meeting and emerge with an idea not being completely destroyed or 'frankensteined' could work at Camp David in my opinion.

And here's the instead spread in with my color sketch, last I saw of it.

The web story mentioned, among other things, how people can behave differently online.

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mark smith said...

So many ideas, tough subject too! Awesome.