June 20, 2008

The Green Wall of China

For a cover article on China's increasing interest in green energy.

AD was Wai Lam.

I had to stack the turbines tighter than they would normally be, so they would read as a wall.

I really love the subject of green energy, so I had alot of fun concepting this one.

In the roughs I wanted some China specific ones and some more general ones, since this was for a chinese readership so it wasn't mandatory that it read China as well.

But I'm glad Wai picked the more china specific wall one, because it fit well.

Here's the piece on the cover.
I wish I could read Chinese.
(I'm trying to learn it)

1 comment:

Michael Villegas said...

You have fantastic work.

I found your work via theispot.com, and was blown away by your ideas.

I myself am currently getting started in the illustration field.

Your work is quite inspirational.

Thank you for sharing!