April 26, 2010

Millionaire Asia

How to make a real estate story not boring? Well here's my shot at it.
For MillionaireAsia, art directed by Raymond Ho of Eight Custom Media in Hong Kong.
Story was about mainland Chinese snapping up flats in Hong Kong.

Here's the roughs I sent, I obviously was favoring with the top one, but Raymond preferred the bags as the opener which was fine, but I knew the composition would need work.

A color study and a prelim drawing.

Half page inside.


Here it is in print on their web e-reader.

Working for Hong Kong clients brings back good memories for me. I lived in Guangzhou (just north of Hong Kong) for a few months teaching english in 1996. It wasn't my plan to leave my art studies and go to China and teach english, but I was dating this girl and she went. So I followed her to see if our relationship would work out. It did.

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Kyle T. Webster said...

LOVE these pieces, Alex.