July 24, 2013

Scientific American

For Scientific American.

On the barrier around the brain that prevents certain drugs from entering the brain.

Ballpoint pen and ink brush to get the veins right.

Making a face and seeming anatomically correct at the same time, took a few attempts.

July 16, 2013

The Beach, From Invasions to Bikinis

For some reason the Wall St. Journal gives me such interesting subjects.
This was on the history of the beach.

Of course I went for a conceptual solution. But the idea picked depended more on design and pattern.

Initially I liked the impact of the black, but "The Beach" itself had to be main character so I changed the colors.

July 5, 2013

Music You Hate

Trying to learn to appreciate the music you hate, for the LA Times.

My favorite was the skunk note, but I think Paul was the wiser to choose the trash can headphones.