February 19, 2014

Fight Like A Dog

When I was just out of school, I showed my portfolio to a few Salt Lake City ad agencies. Ryan Anderson (now at Fluid) was one of the of the art directors I met with....

13 years later I got a call from him for to do a call for entries poster for the SLC chapter of the American Advertising Awards.

The four taglines to pick from were - Dog and Pony Show - Fight Like A Dog - Dog Eat Dog - and - Calling All Publicity Hounds. I had a few seconds to pick.

The other two illustrators were Christopher Thornock on the left and David Habben (who referred me) is on the right.

Here's my process. Ryan asked me to do some type for it, but I only did some dummies of it, because I knew that they would have to tie all these together with a unified type and that's what's ended up happening.

Here's some photos from the awards gala. It's so great for an ad agency to center a campaign around illustration. Kudos to Fluid.

What happened to - Calling All Publicity Hounds?

Well the printing sponsor only wanted to do 3 posters apparently, which after I heard it saddened me, because I had almost picked that one.

So I tried to save it. I did a quick version in photoshop for the entry website.

It didn't end up being used because it just didn't fit the sepia look that evolved in the end, but I thought it was worth posting here.

January 23, 2014

Fatal Alpine Poetry

In 1995 Alison Hargreaves, a pioneering female mountaineer died soloing K2.
She was literally blown off the mountain.
Here's my illustrations that ran with poems by Helen Mort about her life in the latest issue of the Alpinist. I was thrilled because I rarely get to illustrate poetry, but worried too because it was rare for this magazine to use illustration, so I knew there would be hiccups.

Initially the direction I got was: airy, poetic, ethereal, soft, lots of white space.
Which I totally misinterpreted as softening the subject. They hated the sketch. I should have sent more sketches like I normally do.

Needs more "foreboding." I can do foreboding. Did foreboding more tied into mountaineering.
Round two was better.

Here's the cover and opening spread.  Below is the title of each poem and a brief excerpt and/or backstory.

Descent - parting the makeshift curtain of the night and gliding through.
Climbing as a young girl.

Prayer - crows wheel arcs of undramatic flight and when you touch the rock your fingers hold.
Climbing in Scotland

Kiss - his stale chewing-gum, your hands clamped to your side, and you, for the first time, uncertain what to do with them. 
 A few weeks after her first rock climb, Alison kissed a boy for the first time. Unlike her climbing, the event was recorded in her diary without detail or comment

Home -  'You want to smash the bathroom mirror and replace it with a sheet of ice'  
She is stuck at home in England with an injury

Norwand - You wish that you could reach beneath your skin and hold the baby’s fist in yours
She was a mother of two and climbed the Eiger pregnant

Above Cromford - routes so graffitied that you’d sink your fingers into letters, pull on the initials of the dead.  
Climbing K2

Routes - and never seen the Karakoram folding out,  clouds finding their shapes beneath your feet.
She died at age 32 on K2, she had just soloed Mt. Everest without oxygen a few months before.

Design and art direction by Mike Lorenz.

January 7, 2014

Marriage, School and HIV in Africa

For Columbia University's School of Public Health magazine.

Obviously I had a favorite rough...

The story was on how being in a intact marriage and being in school protects from HIV in Africa (Uganda)

December 16, 2013

Canada and USA to merge

Possible merger of Canada and the USA in a single currency union EU style or even more.
For the Wall St. Journal.

Article was titled "North-American Union" so I explored broader that just currency.

I tried just straight ballpoint pen with a little digital color, but it just wasn't working as well as my usual gouache style, so I repainted the clothes that way.

November 13, 2013

Double Dutch

Full page illustration for Holland Herald the inflight magazine of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

 Subject was how success at chess has more to do with practice than intelligence. 

This was the spot on the next page.

In the magazine.

"Personal Debt" For Dutch bank De Lage Landen

Here's the layout really, really small (they didn't want the article readable since it's an internal magazine and has sensitive information)

November 6, 2013

Foreign Policy Magazine

Headline to work with was: The military’s Chicken Littles want you to think the sky is falling. Don’t believe them: America has never been safer.

They ended up going more the budget cut route. But I did have fun with the headline.

October 1, 2013

White House/Kremlin Hotline

2014 calendar for the Progressive. I got the month of August.

August 30 1963 - the White House/Kremlin ‘hot line’ installed, after the near disaster of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I thought B would be picked, but I was pleasantly surprised, thanks Nick!