April 25, 2018

Catholic Health Association

For a complete issue of Health Progress Magazine.

This was a big multi-page project, so I don't want to overwhelm by posting all 70 roughs so here's some of my favorites that Mary Ann had to pick from.

Rescuing from trafficking.

Immigration Ethics

Unified religious response to trafficking.

Caring for the Other

Cover image update Selected for American Illustration 37

Secessionist Hack

For Dallas Morning News story about how Putin's Russia is funding secessionists movements on the right and left within the United States.

Michael (the AD) had the good idea to have me switch the fists on the Vladimir portrait for a US maps. So I sent this color rough to show him that is was working.

And here's the final. Update this got in Communication Arts, thanks Michael!

Country Cemeteries

A story about a rich old lady who loves little country cemeteries so much she buys her own. For Texas Power magazine.

Here's the roughs I send Jane.

Sierra Magazine

Story headline was "No is Not Enough" but the story included alot about global warming killing off coral reefs so I wanted to cover that angle as well.

Tracy (the AD on this) had the good idea to combine two of the ideas for the final illustration.

December 12, 2017

Refugees Path to Self-Reliance

This was about programs helping refugees get work. For Tuft's Fletcher magazine. Art direction by Laura McFadden.

Roughs needed to communicate refugee and work/path forward.

 Narrowed down to these.
I thought Laura was smart to pick this one.

Now to figure out color and composition.

Tried to make the group Somalian in the tight drawing.

Rose Wagner Poster

And here's the last poster in the series for Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, which is mostly modern dance.

The exterior of the building recently had this interesting architectual treatment.

Which I knew I'd be able to do something with in the first mockup.

Inside the lobby they have these interesting colored plexiglass sculpture all over.

So twist one into a dancer.

And this big fanlike art in the lobby as well.

Mirrored dancers for the third mockup.

Here's the final without the typography.

Abravanel Hall Poster

Abravanel Hall the third in the series of posters commissioned by BWP Communications for each of the main performing arts venues in SLC.  Brett Palmer was the AD and Summer Milligan the designer.

The venue has a unique triangular shape.

Which I hit on in my first mockup.

The triangle shows up in their logo...

So I did a mockup with that as well.

But the most unique visual aspect of the venue is this huge Chiuly sculpture in the main lobby.

Could twist easily into musical notes.