June 12, 2009


Locavores for the Boston Globe Magazine.
Art director was Grant Staublin. Who let me really push the textures on this one, which I really wanted to do so I could repeat the patterns of the rows of soil.

Here's the approved sketch. Grant had the idea of a family in a garden, so I compacted the space a bit. But obviously it needed a ton more work on the composition.

Since Locavores try to limit themselves to locally grown foods, like a 100 miles radius for example, I wanted to hint at the effort that goes into this voluntary self limiting, that why I have the figures contorting themselves into the square space. Initially I had a green dotted line around to symbolize the radius, but I dropped it. Also I don't usually stylize figures this much, but the idea called for it, and I enjoyed doing it.

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S.M.Vidaurri said...

Beautiful piece, the textures really pop.