April 5, 2012

The Italian Job

My first job for an Italian client. It was for the social cooperative Arcobaleno in Torino (forza Juve!)
Art director was Andrea Bozzo ( http://www.andreabozzo.it )
The calendar was chock full of other great illustration. Including one Emiliano Ponzi. 

Their mission is the rehabilitation of addicts and criminals by giving them work in the recycling industry. Andrea liked the one with the rays.

Wait! Not that ray one, the other one! Andrea meant the guy sewing with the rays, and I just assumed he meant the rays into the box. Never assume. My mistake! And the ironic thing is I actually can speak a little italian, oh well...

But I was more than glad to do another one, because I liked this idea better anyway and knew I could make it more graphic.

In print. Grazie mille for mailing it to me caro Andrea!

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