September 8, 2011

Yoga Journal

I've done a few images for Yoga Journal over the years, but about a year ago I really started getting into yoga more, so it was a real treat to get a call from Ian Goldberg there.

This piece was for a review of the book "Four Desires". The main point of the review seemed to be listening to your soul in order to figure out your higher purpose. But just in case I mixed in some roughs that could go with the "Four Desires" title. Luckily Ian saw the potential in the star to pearls sketch.

I probably did more than enough roughs, but when I get a spiritual story like this or something I'm really interested in, I can't stop concepting.

Here's the piece in print. Thanks Cathryn for sending it. I love when the AD's email me a quick screen shot or pdf of their design, because it means I'm going to blog about it!