February 25, 2010

YALE Cover

Yale is developing an artificial pancreas, which if you have diabetes would be quite a breakthrough.

The idea was to illustrate the concept of what a pancreas does, basically regulate sugar and insulin levels.

When I got this job I thought what am I going to do! It seemed impossible at first, a pancreas looks like lump of orange-brown bacon, sugar is colorless, boring and looks like salt and insulin is worse! Plus the the whole concept of diabetes regulation had to be worked in.

So after I visited with the muse Panickia, I got to work and calmed down.

The roughs ideas... it took a few.

Here's a preliminary drawing. I like posting these because my final technique often results in a loss rather than a gain in accuracy, which is better sometimes but not others!

Inside full page and some spots.

Some detail.

In print.

1 comment:

smart mama said...

impressed... intelligently and aesthetically illustrating a pancreas requires special skill.