December 12, 2009

Newsweek International

This cover was for a Newsweek story about how about India has done a 180 when it comes to talking about carbon and climate change. I don't have the final cover design yet, but in the meantime here's the last typography I saw.
The roughs, the change that India is saying "Yes" now in carbon negotiations needed to be explored as well.

I did quite a few color studies for this one. Adolfo had the idea to push the orange to make it feel hotter/dirtier like global warming/pollution, but do it in abstract way. So in the final I ended up using some spray paint for the smog. I didn't dare risk overspraying the final painting, so I sprayed a similar sized board, scanned that and laid it in in photoshop.


Daniel Hertzberg said...

The painting elephants! Brilliant!! (Seems like a pretty difficult article to illustrate too).

pete ryan said...

this is a really smart solution