November 11, 2008

High School Popularity

For a New York Times Science article about the high school cult of popularity.
Psychologists say basically, it's good to be well-liked but bad to be super-popular
(which leads to earlier drinking, drugs, sex, etc).
Art director was Therese Shechter.
Here's the roughs, initially a horizontal space allocated, but Therese had the good idea to go vertical after she picked the totem poles sketch.

some reference...

Here's the preliminary drawing, which I emailed off so Therese could get started on the layout.

My tween daughter, Aubrey hadn't left for school yet so I showed it to her, (an expert these things), and she said the girl in the middle needs to be moved to the top.

A few minutes later I get an email from Therese:
"One memory from my own miserable teen years...the girl in the middle strikes me more as a top-of-the-pole figure than the bubble gum blower you have there now. What do you think of swapping?"
Hilarious, how could I argue with that!

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